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Pure Kashmiri shawls are the ultimate in luxury accessories. If you’re searching online for a decadent shawl made from Pashmina, which is often confused with being a shawl rather than the highest quality of Cashmere that there is, we have an incredible variety of products to choose from. If you'd like to complement a formal outfit, or you’re keen to treat yourself to a unique, high-quality accessory that you can wear for years to come, it’s time to discover our stunning collection of authentic Pashmina fabric Kashmiri shawls. We source and stock a spectacular selection of original, pure traditionally hand-woven shawls, which are guaranteed to provide the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Whether you’re searching for a plain shawl or a show-stopping hand-embroidered one, we are confident that you’ll find something that you will love.

Our Kashmiri shawls

We are delighted and honoured to bring clients that are shopping online in the UK and beyond an opulent selection of handmade, genuine Kashmiri shawls. Featuring the finest Cashmere materials and made with love based on techniques that have been honed, mastered and passed down through the generations, we can assure you that you’ll have something very special, no matter which product you choose. Our range includes plain and embroidered Pashmina shawls and woolen shawls, and we offer quick, hassle- free online shopping.


These are soft and sumptuous, and you can see the work and dedication that has gone into each and every one. Hand-spun and woven, they feature luxurious materials, including hand-embroidered silk and the finest pure Pashmina Cashmere from the Himalayan Mountains. We have an array of different designs and patterns in a wide range of colours. Embroidered styles are distinctive, and they are sure to turn heads. Whether you’re shopping around online looking to add glamour to a chic, plain outfit or you’re keen to make a style statement in complementary patterns, this is an ideal choice.


These offer versatility with a touch of opulence. Soft, warm, and comforting, they are a perfect addition to both casual and formal ensembles. Our plain pure Kashmir shawls are hand woven using the highest quality Pashmina Cashmere from the Himalayas, and they come in a range of stylish, neutral shades, including champagne, fawn, cream and taupe. We also offer plain pure wool ones, which are lightweight and ideally suited to any occasion. Our online range features indulgent truffle and caramel shades.

About us

We are incredibly honoured to work with authentic master craftsmen and women in Kashmir. The items that we sell online are lovingly hand woven using techniques that have been employed for decades and passed down through generations. Featuring the finest quality materials that add undeniable luxury, our genuine Kashmiri shawls are the ultimate accessory for the discerning woman. The relationship we have with the local communities is incredibly important to us, and we are passionate about doing everything possible to protect the environment and ensure the men and women who produce these masterpieces are rewarded fairly. If you’re looking for something luxury or you have any questions about our range, you can contact us today on 01305 848 570.

Pashmina, which translates to soft gold, is the ultimate in fine cashmere, finer and thinner than that of standard cashmere. In the spring the Himalayan mountain goats naturally shed their undercoat, this is collected by combing, not shearing, the goat where it can then be hand spun, woven and then expertly crafted into a beautiful shawl. Our pashmina shawls are all 100% pashmina, no mixed blends of fibres. They are incredibly soft and warm, yet light-weight resulting in a wonderful flowing drape.