Pure Pashmina, translating to soft gold, so incredibly soft, lightweight and warm. The finest of cashmere from Himalayan mountain goats, traditionally hand spun and woven. These shawls are then lovingly and delicately hand embroidered in truly stunning designs, bringing you something unique and so very special.
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Beige Pashmina Cashmere Shawl with Silk Embroidery

Luxurious soft beige hand woven pashmina shawl with delicate hand embroidery in silk Pal Dar fl..

£1,750.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

Black Pashmina Shawl with Border Embroidery

Truly elegant black pashmina, finest cashmere, hand woven shawl with exquisitely detailed hand ..

£1,195.00 Ex Tax: £1,195.00

Cream Pashmina Shawl with Bronze Embriodery

Wonderfully warming soft cream pure pashmina shawl with rich bronze hand embroidery. Created lovingl..

£1,360.00 Ex Tax: £1,360.00

Cream Pashmina Shawl with Embroidered Border

Gorgeous pashmina, finest cashmere shawl with heavily hand embroidered border in russets and or..

£1,289.00 Ex Tax: £1,289.00

Cream Pashmina Shawl with Embroidery Border

 A stunning soft pashmina shawl in cream with a deep hand embroidered border. Hand crafted in K..

£1,340.00 Ex Tax: £1,340.00

Cream Pashmina with Soft Rose Embroidery

 Luxuriously soft hand woven pure pashmina shawl, adorned with full Jalale floral pattern,..

£1,725.00 Ex Tax: £1,725.00

Indigo Pashmina Shawl with Sunset Embroidery

Exquisite pashmina shawl hand dyed in Indigo. Skilfully adorned in intricate hand embroidery of suns..

£1,520.00 Ex Tax: £1,520.00

Ivory and Pale Blue Pashmina Shawl

 A beautifully delicate ivory pashmina shawl with Jalale pale blue Kashmiri embroider..

£1,540.00 Ex Tax: £1,540.00

Maroon Pashmina Shawl with Hand Embroidery

The perfect accessory this season, wonderfully warming maroon hand woven pashmina shawl with complim..

£1,270.00 Ex Tax: £1,270.00

Midnight Blue Pashmina Shawl with Hand Embroidery

Midnight blue hand woven pure pashmina shawl with intricate vibrant hand embroidered silk deep borde..

£1,195.00 Ex Tax: £1,195.00

Paisley Embroidered Pashmina Shawl

 A gorgeous soft grey pashmina shawl adorned with soft pink paisley embroidery. So light weight..

£1,360.00 Ex Tax: £1,360.00

Pashmina Shawl with Merlot Embroidery

Stunning pale beige pashmina shawl with Merlot red and dusty green floral embroidery. Super sof..

£1,720.00 Ex Tax: £1,720.00

Ruby Red Pashmina Shawl with Emboidery

 A sumptuous hand woven ruby red pure pashmina shawl adorned with delicate pale turqu..

£1,760.00 Ex Tax: £1,760.00